The normal range of cereal crops are grown for a farm in this area of Scotland. The Spring Barley area is dedicated to Malting varieties that in turn are required by the Scottish whisky industry. Winter Barley is used to feed our own cattle whereas the Wheat crop is sold for livestock feed within the UK. Oil Seed Rape is sold for crushing to produce oil.

  • wheat opt275x180Around 154Ha is grown with all the wheat harvested  consumed in Scotland, either for animal feed or for distilling into grain spirit.

    The Diageo Distillery at Cameron Bridge, which produces circa 30m lt of spirit a year, is one of our main customers supplied through local merchants.

  • barleyMalting Barley accounts for 80% of the 300Ha grown supplying the Scottish Malting industry.

    Currently the main varieties  are Optic, Concerto and Propino

    Annually around 1,400t of Malting barley moves off farm, mainly to Bairds Malt, Arbroath but also to W.N. Lindsay, Stracathro and others.
  • othercereals opt275x180Oil Seed Rape is grown as a break crop.

    Winter Barley is mainly grown for feed & fed to the livestock.

    Around 20Ha of land is also let annually to a East Coast Viners for pea production. The peas are frozen in Dundee within an hour of harvest before finally arriving in UK supermarkets.
  • Wheat Wheat
  • Barley Barley
  • Other Cereals Other Cereals